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February 2007 - Science Kit of the Month!

Discovery Fingerprint Lab
Become a scientific detective with this fingerprint lab.  Get the family involved by creating whodunit dramas, use the black light to see clues that are not visible with the naked eye.  This kit is sure to keep the kids busy and warm during the winter months as they transform into super sleuths. 

Black light, flashlight, Ink pad , Print duster, Invisible ink/Revealer ink pen, Flap lifters, Rubber stamps, Revealer ink, Invisible ink, Orange fingerprint powder, Yellow germ powder, 10 fingerprint cards, Carrying case is disguised as a book and fits into the side of the Whodunit? Forensics Lab to complement that kit , 2 month manufacturer's warranty

January 2007- Science Kit of the Month!

Kids Science Super Magnet Kit: includes a variety of magnets in different shapes and sizes, metal nuts, paper clips and more. Kit also includes instructions and fun magnet facts.
Get started on a lifelong love of science with magnets!  These magnets are easy to use, require little adult supervision and can be used by 2 kids for most of the projects.  Added Bonus-  They are on sale now!  
December 2006 - Science Kit of the Month!

2006 Year of the ANT? 
Who would have thought that kids would ask for ants for Christmas?  Well this is one of the hottest items in stores this year and if you get one count yourself lucky.  Apparently, Santa's production numbers can't keep up with the requests for this toy! 

Fascinations ANTW2 Antworks Illuminated

Product Description
A traditional ant farm requires the frequent maintenance of feeding and watering. And viewing is frequently obscured by dense soil. AntWorks solves all these drawbacks. It's an award-winning, clearly visible and self-contained environment for ants. They require no food or water because the translucent gel serves as a tunneling medium and as the source for both food and water! Ant activity is ongoing all the time. Using scent, sound, touch and sight, they talk to each other by touching antennae. Watch them work, rest, gather in groups and burrow in the nutritious and non-toxic gel as they build intricate tunnels. Based upon a NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study how ants tunnel in low gravity, this science kit provides hours of fascinating fun as you watch the architecture develop. The illuminated LED base creates a unique night-light. Includes gel, magnifying glass, jeweler's lens, Tunnel Starter tool, AC adapter and instructions. Order Harvester ants separately with included coupon. Measures 6 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 1 1/4". For ages 8 years and up. 90-day warranty. Ants sold separately, coupon enclosed so you can send for the ants and get them a week later.

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