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  1. Magic Can Experiment (air pressure)
  2. Lift Water With Air Experiment
  3. Build a real working hovercraft!
  4. Collapsing Can Experiment
  6. Does Temperature Affect Wind Speed? by Alex L
  7. Wind Speed  by Melissa S.


  1. EK Science/Small Animal Experiment
  2. Ants  by Allison D.
  3. Can Dogs See Color?   by Jennifer K.
  4. Frogs:  Fit or Fat   by Vincenza B.


  1. Taking a pulse
  2. Blood pressure


  1. Collecting Micrometeorites
  2. Observing Sunspots


  1. Penny Experiment
    What happens to copper pennies when they're put in different liquids?
  2. An easy chemical volcano.
  3. Food Batteries
  4. Homemade Slime
  5. Pop Fizz
  6. The Cat's Meow
  7. How to make soap
  8. Baking Soda Volcano
  9. Non-flammable Gases
  10. Cabbage Juice pH Indicator
  11. Chewing light
  12. Ooblech/Non-Newtonian Fluids
  13. Split the Smartie
  14. Alka Seltzer Rockets
    Take a trip to the moon with these gas blasters!
  15. How Soap Works
    Greasy hands? Find out why soap helps clean up!
  16. Volcanic Eruption
    Create your own lava eruption, right in your kitchen!
  17. Speedboat Matchstick
    Watch a matchstick zoom across the water's surface.
  18. Rabid Soda Can
    Watch the soda can foam at the mouth!
  19. Separate Layers
    Can you layer different liquids? You can with some!
  20. Spikes on a String
    You can make spikes that grow from a piece of string!
  21. Cool Gooey Ooze
    What could be more fun than a ball of ooze?!
  22. Salt and Melting
    What does salt have to do with melting? Find out!
  23. Rubber Egg
    Who says eggs have hard shells?
  24. Wave Maker
    You can have your own ocean in a bottle!
  25. Speed Boat
    Turn an empty soda bottle into a speed boat.
  26. Blow Bubbles
    Don't blow bubbles in your milk -- blow them for this experiment!
  27. Magic Milk
    Watch these cool patterns form before your eyes.
  28. Blow it Up
    Blow up a balloon without having it touch your lips.
  29. "Lava Lamp" Bottle
    Create a mesmerizing work of art.
  30. Oil Blob Dance
    Watch an oil blob dance between two other liquids!
  31. Green Pennies
    Tired of those brown pennies? How about green ones!
  32. Bouncing Jell-O
    Watch the Jell-O bounce around in your soda.
  33. Density
    To float or to sink, that is the question.
  34. Pepper on Parade
    Send some pepper scurrying with a drop of soap.
  35. Bubbles
    Make your own bubble mixture.
  36. Oil Spill! Clean It Up!
    Figure out a way to save the environment!

Color Science

  1. Wrong-Colored Food   by Alexis J.
  2. Why are Plants Green?   by Max D.

Earth Science

  1. Cheese Fractures
  2. Making a Compass - (Magnetism)
  3. Make a Leaf Collection
    Collect leaves from outside and start a beautiful collection.
  4. Homemade Greenhouse
    How does a greenhouse help plants grow? Find out!
  5. Color a Flower
    Turn a white flower into a pink one, or a green one!


  1. Mini Maglite Fun




  1. Make a Fossil
    Create your own prehistoric-looking footprints.


  1. Water Bending Light
    Why does the straw look bent in the water?


  1. SEE magnetic fields with this simple viewing bottle


  1. Super Soap Bubbles
  2. Snap Crackle Jump!
  3. Surface-Tension Driven Boat
  4. Cartesian Diver
  5. Buoyancy
  6. Friction
    Why is a tennis ball harder to spin than a rubber ball?
  7. Raw or Cooked?
    Find out if your egg is raw or cooked!
  8. Which Will Burn out First?
    Learn how a candle needs oxygen to burn.
  9. Scuba Diver in a Bottle
    Make a "scuba diver" sink or swim
  10. Surface Tension
    Did you know that water molecules are attracted to each other?
  11. Bouncing Balls
    What would happen if you used a superball in this experiment?
  12. Make a Rainbow
    You can make a rainbow indoors!
  13. Gumdrop Architecture
    Build a bridge or a tall tower!
  14. Floating Ball
    Make a ball float in mid-air!
  15. Dancing Raisins
    Watch as the raisins dance in the glass!
  16. Egg in a Bottle
    How can you get an egg in a bottle? Find out here!
  17. Balloon in a Bottle
    Watch the bottle inhale a balloon!
  18. Coat Hanger Balance
    You can weigh small objects with this simple scale.
  19. Clickety-Clackety Coin
    Learn how to make a coin move without touching it.
  20. Ringing Fork
    What kind of sound does your fork make?
  21. Put Out a Flame with a Jar
    How quickly can you extinguish a candle's flame without blowing on it?


  1. Coloring plant transpiration
  2. Plants Growing to Music   by Amar P.


  1. Some fun sound experiments


  1. Balloon in a Bottle
    Watch the bottle inhale a balloon!
  2. Make a Rainbow
    You can make a rainbow whenever you want, indoors!
  3. Ice
    Did you know that water can grow? Find out how!
  4. Evaporation
    Make water disappear. Where did it go?
  5. Tornado in a Bottle
    Make your own tornado with water!
  6. Condensation
    How can you get water from the air around you?
  7. London Fog - Anywhere You Want It!
    Try this experiment to make your own fog!
  8. Cyclone in a Bottle
    You can make a tornado with your own hands.

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